Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hooray for more butt shots!

Back to the Dr.'s office, just can't get enough of them. The infection in my arm started to swell again and started to streak up my arm to my chest. I love being a mutant, you get special treatment you know, like.."Let's see you every day for the next week," or "We are giving you a semi-permenant IV and we can give you your shots through there daily at your home with the nurses coming to you"...Who gets that? I am confused?? What the crap is wrong with my arm?? We don't know, but we will try and fix it. How did this happen and how can I prevent this from happening again...Again, we don't know. Just another day in the life of a mutant. Gotta love it.

Daily update- Another butt shot, more Rx's, and an IV with a home health nurse- YEAH!

Dang, I feel special!

My butt must be pretty good looking, or quite the opposite for all of these people wanting to take a stab at it!


Brea said...

Oh Amy sounds like you are having a rough time!! Good thing you have such a good sense of humor/attitude!

Brea said...

P.S. I want to see pictures of your mutant arm!

Fearless Leader said...

Amen to the photos! Now don't go overboard and put the butt shots on....Butt(haha) seriously I am sorry...I know sometimes you put on a funny happy face but behind the scenes it can be stressful. I'm thinking about you!

Jamie said...

No way! I'm sorry that totally sucks! Just as you were starting to feel so good! Don't give up on it! I can only imagine how awesome you look 20 pounds lighter! You looked fabulous already!!!