Sunday, September 27, 2009

Celiac Disease- another one for the list

Yes, the lab results are in with a yes to having Celiac disease. My family said they are taking dibs on what next disease I will be diagnosed with. (THANKS!) I am hoping that a lot of my health problems were the cause of this celiac disease and that everything else will get better as I avoid gluten and wheat etc. A lot of research to do, but it should be okay. I am actually ready to face this bull by the horns and hit it straight on and hopefully I can become self-reliant without wheat products. It is amazing what it is in, like shampoo's and conditioners, lotions, any food that is processed, even lunch meat! Yikes, this is going to be a struggle for a bit until I get the hang of it. Luckily my doctor kind of thought that I have had this for a while and I kind of tried to wean from wheat, just not whole heart idly because I wasn't going to go without until I knew for sure, but I tried to avoid the basics, so I have started anyway being more aware and now it is time to be a strict Gluten Nazi.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My kids make me proud

Holy Crap are my kids funny!
Sorry for the trash talk, but I just can't help it. My kids are taking after me and I am so proud I could just shed a tear of happiness and laughter right here and now.

Funny thing number 1 that caught me off guard when I realized that my kids sense of humor was just as bad as mine...
Hailey was working on her Reflections project for school and using clay. Kyle asked if he could have some of the black. Hailey shared reluctantly as she thought this was just going to go to waste as she thinks his artistic skills are no match for hers. Little did she know he was making a different kind of art, the art of humor and laughter:)
Kyle came out and said, "Nobody tell dad that this is fake poop, he will think it is Nellie's(our dog) and be mad, don't tell him it's clay okay?"
I thought that was so funny, even more so later, when it really worked as Kyle had carefully constructed it to look just like Nellie's poop near Dan's closet. It was so comical because we have been cleaning up these little surprises in just the place where Kyle left it. I was so tickled as my sides hurt from laughing at this lovely practical joke, definately my style. I was just sad that I didn't think of it first:)

Funny thing number 2 that took me by surprise...
Hailey has had a cast on for about 2 months. Her latest cast was a smaller one that Dan and I ended up cutting off ourselves- (I know, not the prize patients, we were dying to scrub it down and boil her, her arm reeked!) Anyway, we took it off in pieces, because the cast was so dang thick. The last part just slid right off of her skinny little wrist and was her biggest piece of the cast, the rest was in fragments. As I am cleaning the reasty thing up, Hailey brings me the piece hanging and says, "I think we should send this to Aunt Becky for a car air freshener" After my initial shock of comprehending my daughters humor to be up to par with mine, I laughed so hard and said I am game, let's do it. We tied a little ribbon on it, put it in a gift bag and shipped it off with a little note from Hailey about the heart felt gift. Hailey mentioned that if it didn't work out as a car air freshener, Becky could always use it as an ornament for her tree.
My kid is hilarious! She knows how clean Becky is, and how beautifully decorated her Christmas tree is, and how awesomely funny that will be. Also, we have a practical joke thing between us and it was due time Becky had hers. So here it was coming from my one and only daughter. She makes me so proud, another tear almost shed of pure enjoyment as I got the call from Becky laughing so hard when she got her package. Hope you enjoy it Becky!! I did.
P.S. You're it!

Memory Lane Kareoke Night

I was cleaning out a box from the basement and was tossing out some much needed trash from my high school years that I hung on to for WAY TOO LONG, and came across a tape of songs that I recorded from the hits that had some memory then, for whatever reason, I can't get rid of it. I don't even dare listen to it, but I think it is time. I think that we need to get together as girls and have a MEMORY LANE NIGHT where we all bring our old music that we can't seem to let go of and pop it into my lame Karaoke machine (geek town I know, I got it for free and my kids love it, and hopefully I will too) and we should make a fun night out of it where we sing like nerds together into the mikes to our old songs that we listened to way back when. Any takers? Jamie, I know you need this night out with your new baby and all, Malinda, Brooke, anyone else interested. I think it would be funny. I promise to make it fun, maybe even throw in a little Michael Jackson dancing for you...or get down with the running man, roger rabbit, who knows what just might come of this? Let me know if you would let your guard down to be a nerd with me for a night. I will plan it later when I know what every one's schedules are. Even if we didn't hang out way back when, I am sure we can make fun of each other nonetheless:) Can you dig it?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom
Yes, there are a ton of us out there. I am one of them. Do I love driving from this game to that one and trying to keep my kids in line before, after, and in Kyle's case, during the games? Not particularly, but I do LOVE to watch them play! My kids are fun to watch. Hailey is a natural and it is awesome to see her talent. Kyle, when he focuses, is just crazy, but good too. They are bribed with money for goals and blocks, what can I say, they are money driven. That way they are competing against themselves, and not determining their outcome on win or loose. Although, they both have become accustomed to winning, they sometimes don't take losses very well. A Work in Progress! I love to see the team work and the excited faces when they do well, also my favorite is the arms up victory smile from a scored goal. There is a little girl on Hailey's team that just shines with her smile when she scores and again, the arms are up with a "YES!" smile on her face. Wish I had a working camera. As I have said before, lemonade and electronics are not friends, we found this out the hard way. Still hard because I don't like posting without a picture. Oh well, there is a story and you have an imagination right? Someday, Someday...there are hopes, dreams and then there are the "Goonies" nickle wishes. If you haven't seen Goonies, go watch it or this will mean nothing to you:)