Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kids Say the Darn'dest things!

There have been some funny stuff that has been said around my house over the last month. At Preschool today, Kyle was saying the Pledge of Allegiance and at the end instead of saying "Justice for all" ... Kyle shouted "And Jesus for All!" His teacher was laughing and couldn't wait to tell me. How cute is that??

We recently told the kids that we are trying to save up money for Christmas. Hailey and Kyle have been hilarious about it. Hailey won't let anyone spend money because she wants to make sure that there is enough for everyone to get her a gift. Also, their cousin Ashley is getting baptized soon and we won't be able to go to Arizona for it. The kids were hoping to go and we told them that it costs a lot to travel and we have already taken a lot of vacations recently. Kyle in his prayer said "Please bless that we can be rich so that we can go to Ashley's baptism" We laughed because it just seemed to keep on going throughout the week with the kids.
Another comment from Kyle was "Does God not have enough money to come and visit us? Is that why we don't ever see him?" Then Hailey said that "God is rich because of all of the tithing" then she asked why He needed all of that money anyway because he never spends it. We went through the whole Prophet thing and the tithing going to churches, temples, missionaries etc. She didn't sound too convinced. She has always been one who's money burns a hole in their pocket, but has perfectly good advice to tell you not to spend YOUR money, because she intends for you to spend it on her sometime. FUNNY KIDS!!!