Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girls Weekend

This last weekend we had a Moody side of the family "Girls Weekend" in St. George. (Moody is my mom's maiden name, not that it was a gathering for cranky moody women)
THANK YOU AUNT LAURIE for setting this up, it was so much fun!
There were several condos and the main one was HUGE enough for us to all hang out and not feel like sardines (17plus) We ate yummy food, hung out watching movies and painting nails, ate yummy food, did the hot tub thing, ate yummy food, went shopping, had more yummy food, made jewelry, talked and told colorfully exagerated stories from the past and laughed till our sides hurt and tears were wetting the creases of our smiling scrunched up eyes.
I only wish Jenny and Jana were there and it would have been perfect. Next time all of the sisters will be there and we will make it a tradition to get together and have fun together.
I totally loved the chance to get away and relax in an environment made for me, fun and excitement, loud girls like me who think that they are funny, and yummy food that I barely had to do anything for, and the fact that if I wanted to stay up all night I could, and I wouldn't have to wake up early with the kids. Sleeping in, just the thought is like candy. Of course, I woke up at 8am after going to sleep at 3am. No-one else seemed to be mechanically set for 8am like me, they were all snoozing in their beds. I was so mad at myself and got up went to the bathroom so I wouldn't have that should I shouldn't I feeling when you are trying to fall asleep. If you don't get that feeling when you are trying to fall asleep, consider yourself blessed. Then I snuggled in bed and read my book until my narcolepsy took over the anxiety and I slept until 10:45am and was so excited when I woke up and completly slept through a meal and it didn't bother me one bit. Off to shopping, nothing like a good distraction to keep you from remembering you haven't eaten anything until 2:45pm I normally get majorly cranky and irritable until I have food in the tum. Nothing, it was like the shopping was feeding me. I try not to go to the store as this could be a problem. It was so fun to be with sisters, my mom and my fun cousins and aunts and just go by the fly and whatever goes goes. We embraced the changes and enjoyed the journey:)
The weekend topics included Becky's new twins and my Angenlina Jolie long hair and color. So underlining topic was about the babies we could get, the changes we had made to help ourselves feel beautiful. Pretty sad ha? Other than that, it was just plain fun together with people you miss. I'll add more pictures as I gather them from everyones cameras. For now, I just have the ones from my camera of me with my sisters and mom. I can't wait until the next girls weekend!!

Playing Catch Up!

Wow, time flies! I have been sick on and off and I have had computer trouble, and I have just not felt like getting on the computer and giving attention to something other than what I had to handle.
Sorry for those who would get on here to check for updates for me and my fam because they just weren't put on here.
I will try and recap, it is going to be extremely condensed.
So after the pneumonia that took quite a while to recover from, I have just been kickin it back and takin it easy. Kids don't usually allow this to happen so I have just been running around to and from Hailey and Kyle's soccer games and practices, and just being mom and getting the usual exhaustion that comes from that.

I have recently started walking out in the mornings with Janel, (we started at the gym, but 5am workouts just weren't workin out) so 6am workouts through the cemetery isles have been working for us so far. Hopefully we can bump it up to a run/jog the whole time instead of every other isle. After the awesome workouts and getting my fun friend free therapy from Janel, whom I adore and suck all of her info and probably energy out of, I go on with the day. Lately my kids have been stinkers and also so sweet at the same time, so it evens out.

Dan and I took on a paper route from another friend, Liann and her husband and it has been helpful in the fact that our debt can now not be such a stress. It is starting to become a feeling of yes, we can get through this, other than the feeling like you don't know how you will ever recover and be debt free. We can finally see what needs to be done and we are taking action and doing it, even if it means having a job that is in the wee hours of the morn and feeling like you have a kids job and your missing your bike and the $2 that you need to beg for, it has been good. (Reference to Better off Dead movie, in case you don't understand my humor-"I want my two dollars") Dan does most of the work, I take Saturdays to give him a day to sleep in. If I can handle more days, I'll take it, although, I think Dan doesn't feel confident enough for me to take on more. He gets the route done in 1/2 the time and gets no complaints. Me, on the other hand, take forever and when I have had enough, and I get frustrated at those addresses and what goes to whom and where, trying to beat the rooster's crow. I sometimes have the attitude of "screw it" and go on to the next address that I know. Doesn't happen all of the time, I am okay with a complaint here and there. I am use to it. Dan, probably not so much, his demeanor usually radiates perfection. That is what happens when you marry your complete opposite. Sorry Dan.
Marriage wise, things have been only getting better. Dan had put some money aside for our 10 yr. anniversary coming up in July (Can you believe it? Me either-that is has been 10 years, not that Dan set aside $ for a romantic vacation) When I found out he did this I was floored. Dan doesn't value vacations in the way that I do and he knew that it was important to me and that I had been dreaming of an awesome romantic vacation for our 10yr. ever since we were married. It was always...maybe for our 10yr. over and over when I envied other people's exotic vacations.
With the economy scares and the possibilities it may bring, I decided food storage was awesome to spend some of the money on and is way more romantic than any island with clear blue water and palm trees and georgious flowers and warm sand. Really, I thought I would be way more sad letting the trip go and spending the money more wisely and it wasn't bad at all. The romantic thing for me was that Dan set money aside and knew what I wanted and was trying to give it to me. THANK YOU DAN! I love him for always trying to be what I think that I need. I love him. This year has been our year of trying new things to fall in love with eachother for and we have both tried hard for one another and I am so thankful that it has worked, more than I had hoped for. LOVE HIM! Can't wait to spend eternity with him, he is my Best Friend!

So that wraps up the lost time I didn't post and with this novel, I hope that you are caught up on our lives.