Saturday, August 22, 2009

School has begun

So school started last week, towards the end of the week, Thursday to be exact.

I always wondered who decided that, just some random suggestion to bother all of the OCD's in the world like me. Who thought "let's start school on a Thursday this year instead of a Monday, that will show 'em."?? It was probably the same person who decided to have school start and end at weird times too, like "11:45am, no let's make it 11:48am...anyone? ah ah, that's what I'm talkin' about.." Who is this person and why is he messing with the time system that I grew up with?

What is wrong with starting school at an even time like let's say 8am or 9am and getting out at say 2:15 or 3pm? Where did this 1:08 or 12:48, or all of these weird off times that totally mess with my psyche come from?

Seriously, I know I got problems, but come on- this is sabatouge!

School started Thurs. and it went well for Hailey. Kyle doesn't officially start until...? Guess- if you said Thursday, you must be in on it too. It is in fact Thursday. Maybe they are easing the kids out of Summer, who knows. They sure fooled me.

I have mixed feelings about the kids going to school. Now that Kyle will be in school, it makes me realize how much more I feel like I need more kids. Normally, I would be thinking..."YES!" can't wait to get out a book, or take a nap, actually grocery shop without kids (is this even possible?) or take a shower or use the bathroom without the door just flinging open regardless if it was locked or not. Should I really be sad that I am going to be dealing with these positive problems?

No, if my heart didn't just ache for another little one in the house, I would be fine. But the fact is, it does, and I am scared to death that these days are growing shorter with my little ones. Soon they will be all grown up and I will wish that the door just opens up on me while I'm on the toilet or have just got out of the shower and the neighborhood kid just happens to be with my own child walking in on me. I don't know if this particular thing I will miss, but I will miss the fact that those awkward moments come when children are around and that is what makes life interesting and memorable.

I pray that I will have enough courage to take the next step and find and bring that child into our home that is meant to be with us. I feel it, something has been missing and aching in my heart for the entire Summer and I have been too scared to address it. If you have a chance to pray for me, please do. Please ask Heavenly Father to tell me to stop being afraid of being hurt or let myself be vulnerable, which I have a hard time doing. I am scared to step into something I know I will be shedding tears over. I hate crying, and more than that, I don't like letting people see me cry. Dan has seen enough of it that I don't mind if he see's anymore, but to have others...I just don't know if I have the strength and courage in me to have others be watching me, asking the painful questions that aren't intended to be hurtful, like..."How are the adoption plans going?" I am scared to death, so they are not going anywhere until I can get some courage and have some Faith, as George Michael puts it. I just gotta have faith.

p.s. my camera is still broken from the lemonade incident so I will be without pictures for a little bit until I can replace it. Unless, I can figure out how to get the pics from my phone onto here...anyone?

Monday, August 17, 2009

School Year's Eve Party?

School Year's Eve is almost here...are you ready to have a School Year's Eve Party? If you have it in you to do something cute with your kids & their friends, or just your kids, this is a fun site to have as a resource.
There are things from invitations, planners, printable crafts, games, party hats, menu planners, name cards etc.

I did love the Junie B. Jones paper dolls. Getting Junie B. Jones ready to go back to school, how is this not fun? Hailey loved reading Junie B. Jones with her class last year. Wierd to think that she will be going to 2nd grade this year and my little Kyle is not so little anymore and is going to Kindergarten.

There are some cute ideas and fun stuff to do on this site, so check it out if you have time.

Skip the intro. and then the fun stuff is under the Party Planner section.

Enjoy the time you have left with your little ones:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back 2 School Ready?

Am I ready?
Are my kids ready?
Am I excited?
Are my kids excited?

All of the above answers are YES! Ready or we come type deal!
I don't even care if I don't have everything this year. I think that both my kids have too much clothes, they might not be cute or even go together, but as far as laundry goes, they have plenty! I didn't buy much this year because last year I tried to buy big for Hailey and also we get awesome hand-me-downs which I love from my sister. Thank you, Becky. I also did the frugal mom thing, which was way more fun for me than it was supposed to be...I ironed on fun decals to Hailey's older plain shirts from last year that still fit, and now she loves them. I did the fun girly cutesy skulls and rock and roll guitars and cute camo stuff and threw in a cute girly one too. I have more decals too, if anyone wants them.
Hailey even brought a few friends over and we made cute ones for them on their old/plain shirts. Again, way more fun for me than it should be.

Kyle, who knows with this growing beanstalk. I have an array of sizes to hopefully catch him in. This kid changes 5x's a day and has a shoe fetish and a pocket obsession. I don't understand it. He always wants shoes everywhere he goes etc. He loves pockets to carry all of his latest gadgets that he totes everywhere, usually ends up in the laundry too, if he forgets to glue it to himself as he sleeps. Kyle can't have his shirt get wet, if it even has a little water from washing his hands, he has to change. Yes-the laundry loads are awesome. My favorite is like today when I washed his clothes and kept hearing beeping and thumping from the washer & dryer. Come to find out, his play phone was in a "pocket" and going haywire from the water, and the thumping was his beloved "Ben 10" watch that I don't even know how that was in a pocket, because it rarely comes off of his wrist. Along with all of the soggy laundry, misc. toys that smuggle their way through, there is always a parade size load of empty candy wrappers in the mix. It is always a party doing his laundry...SURPRISE!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wo- slow down there!

Talk about a fly by Summer. I have had so much go on and haven't had the chance to put any of it on my blog. Sorry for all of the things that I can't put on here, this is why...
May-Just crazy, kids getting out of school etc.
June-Summer is finally here and it rained a lot, Kyle and I got Swine Flu and we quarantined ourselves and did some awesome activities, if I can find the pictures, I will post them.
July-Last part of June and into July we went to visit Jenny and Ryan West family in Fargo, ND. That's right folks, we drove to Fargo Freeking North Dakota. Ask about details for the trips there and back, got lots of stories. We went to Jenny and Ryan's lakehouse in Minn. and had a blast with cousins West family, Thompson family, Loo family and wished the rest were there. The toy's were excellent, thanks to the West's. Had never even heard of Razors that you ride(on land). Awesome!! The Jetski they had was amazing-I was able to pull a 4 person tube and have 2 people on the jetski with me, no problem. It was a mini-boat, newest dream toy for me. After a fainting/ER visit(not me, for once), Karaoke night at the lakeside pizza/bar joint(another funny story, ask for details), Anniversary stay across the lake at another cabin/resort (funny stories with this too), and another ER visit from falling off of the boathouse onto the cement and then into the water (also, not me, my nephew) We had a pretty eventful time there.
We went camping with the ward for the 1st time since we first got married (10yrs) Our kids loved it. No major accidents-for us anyway.
Went to the Highland splash park a gazillion times with the most recent one leaving with the kids' lemonade spilling in my purse and ruining my phone and camera. I about had a nervous breakdown because I can't afford to replace either of them and I couldn't really even get mad because my poor little one didn't realize he hadn't screwed the lid on very well. Blast!
Went to classic skating and 5min. later got in the car and headed to the ER with a broken wrist of Hailey's.(Of course, no working PHONE!) No tears, she is awesome under shock. She didn't even throw up, although she thought she was going to a few times. With a cast up past her elbow, we have been limited to certain activities without water or chance of further injury-try telling this to an active 7yr.old who feels no pain.
Went to Liberty Land again today and had fun doing the one activity that Hailey can do- miniature golf, she pouted at first because she thought her cast wouldn't allow her to play well. after she got a hole in one, she stopped complaining and had fun.