Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back 2 School Ready?

Am I ready?
Are my kids ready?
Am I excited?
Are my kids excited?

All of the above answers are YES! Ready or we come type deal!
I don't even care if I don't have everything this year. I think that both my kids have too much clothes, they might not be cute or even go together, but as far as laundry goes, they have plenty! I didn't buy much this year because last year I tried to buy big for Hailey and also we get awesome hand-me-downs which I love from my sister. Thank you, Becky. I also did the frugal mom thing, which was way more fun for me than it was supposed to be...I ironed on fun decals to Hailey's older plain shirts from last year that still fit, and now she loves them. I did the fun girly cutesy skulls and rock and roll guitars and cute camo stuff and threw in a cute girly one too. I have more decals too, if anyone wants them.
Hailey even brought a few friends over and we made cute ones for them on their old/plain shirts. Again, way more fun for me than it should be.

Kyle, who knows with this growing beanstalk. I have an array of sizes to hopefully catch him in. This kid changes 5x's a day and has a shoe fetish and a pocket obsession. I don't understand it. He always wants shoes everywhere he goes etc. He loves pockets to carry all of his latest gadgets that he totes everywhere, usually ends up in the laundry too, if he forgets to glue it to himself as he sleeps. Kyle can't have his shirt get wet, if it even has a little water from washing his hands, he has to change. Yes-the laundry loads are awesome. My favorite is like today when I washed his clothes and kept hearing beeping and thumping from the washer & dryer. Come to find out, his play phone was in a "pocket" and going haywire from the water, and the thumping was his beloved "Ben 10" watch that I don't even know how that was in a pocket, because it rarely comes off of his wrist. Along with all of the soggy laundry, misc. toys that smuggle their way through, there is always a parade size load of empty candy wrappers in the mix. It is always a party doing his laundry...SURPRISE!


Jana said...

Good for you! Isn't it GREAT to make something do? I just put cuffs on some of the cut-offs you guys sent along (Maddie's school has a LOT of dress cut-offs, no strappy tank tops, no flip flops, no jewelry...) and I am so excited for her to wear them!

You are a WONDERFUL mommy! Have fun when school starts! Are you excited about the kids teachers? I hope they have fun! Give them our love!

ALLFREY said...

Yeah for back to school!!!! Everyone will be so much happier at my home come Thursday....