Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soccer Mom

Soccer Mom
Yes, there are a ton of us out there. I am one of them. Do I love driving from this game to that one and trying to keep my kids in line before, after, and in Kyle's case, during the games? Not particularly, but I do LOVE to watch them play! My kids are fun to watch. Hailey is a natural and it is awesome to see her talent. Kyle, when he focuses, is just crazy, but good too. They are bribed with money for goals and blocks, what can I say, they are money driven. That way they are competing against themselves, and not determining their outcome on win or loose. Although, they both have become accustomed to winning, they sometimes don't take losses very well. A Work in Progress! I love to see the team work and the excited faces when they do well, also my favorite is the arms up victory smile from a scored goal. There is a little girl on Hailey's team that just shines with her smile when she scores and again, the arms are up with a "YES!" smile on her face. Wish I had a working camera. As I have said before, lemonade and electronics are not friends, we found this out the hard way. Still hard because I don't like posting without a picture. Oh well, there is a story and you have an imagination right? Someday, Someday...there are hopes, dreams and then there are the "Goonies" nickle wishes. If you haven't seen Goonies, go watch it or this will mean nothing to you:)


Angie said...

She is a great player! Bribery is a good method! We use it over here too! love ya!

Jana said...

What fun! Being a soccer mom is a good thing to be!