Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Memory Lane Kareoke Night

I was cleaning out a box from the basement and was tossing out some much needed trash from my high school years that I hung on to for WAY TOO LONG, and came across a tape of songs that I recorded from the hits that had some memory then, for whatever reason, I can't get rid of it. I don't even dare listen to it, but I think it is time. I think that we need to get together as girls and have a MEMORY LANE NIGHT where we all bring our old music that we can't seem to let go of and pop it into my lame Karaoke machine (geek town I know, I got it for free and my kids love it, and hopefully I will too) and we should make a fun night out of it where we sing like nerds together into the mikes to our old songs that we listened to way back when. Any takers? Jamie, I know you need this night out with your new baby and all, Malinda, Brooke, anyone else interested. I think it would be funny. I promise to make it fun, maybe even throw in a little Michael Jackson dancing for you...or get down with the running man, roger rabbit, who knows what just might come of this? Let me know if you would let your guard down to be a nerd with me for a night. I will plan it later when I know what every one's schedules are. Even if we didn't hang out way back when, I am sure we can make fun of each other nonetheless:) Can you dig it?

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Jana said...

You are one of the fun-est girls I know!!! I wish I could come, not sure I would sing, but I would LOVE to be there! I hope you have some takers!