Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just another day in the life of a Mutant- Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have talked to me recently, you probably know that I am undergoing a major lifestyle change. I am currently working with a new Dr. and a Nutritionist too. They have both helped me become one of those annoying health freaks that you avoid. I am working on another blog that will have to be through invitation only as there will be some pictures on there that will not be for everyone. I have taken some awesome before pictures that are just hot, let me tell you, and some along the way.

I have lost between 15-20lbs. It changes depending on the scale and if you just had a yummy Thanksgiving holiday with all the fixins'. I did just that. It was my first year to have Thanksgiving just on our own. I was excited and made everything! I will post the pictures later. I don't know if eating "normal" food again sent me into a walking balloon, but something did. I was starting to hive out as I was making and tasting my masterpieces (you have to taste test, that's the best part) I took some benadryl and hoped that it wasn't an allergy to wheat, which the Dr. seems to think I have. (If I do, you can say by to the other 20 lbs. everything has wheat in it!)The next day as we were going about what you do on Thanksgiving day with all of the "Gobble till you Wobble" things and my arm just kept on growing and swelling. I pretty much knew by then that I needed to see a Dr. and that it might be infected as it burned and was swelling and hardening and don't forget to imagine the middle yellow and infected looking.

I was crazy enough to accept an invitation to get run over by the mobs for the middle of the night/morning Black Friday Sales. Black Friday because you can get a black eye! I ended up after 2 stores stopping at an insta-care for my nasty growth on my arm that was getting out of control. I was the first one in for the day and the nurses were worried that I was coming in with an injury from the crazy fist fights at Walmart over lame toys, no I was not in there for that, but I definitely had something for people to worry about if their eyes caught a look at my arm. Wo Nelly, what is that nasty growth on your arm??? I know that is what they were thinking when they said "are you okay?"

The Dr. scared me and said I needed a shot right away and that I might have an allergic reaction but that would be better than the infection spreading, to my heart. So in goes the needle to the butt, it hurts like .... and then she gives me a prescription for a motherload of some antibiotics-wasn't that what the whole shot thing was for? She draws around the infection and tells me if it spreads around that then I need to go to the ER. I love THANKSGIVING! And Dr's offices and any other kind of injections or pills that I can get! Then off to go to do more shopping...What is wrong with me??
By the 4th or 5th store, I was swelling again and the infection felt like it was spreading, looked at the markings and it was time for me to drop some more money into the Medical pool. I called my Dr. just to see if by chance he was the "on call" Dr. in and THANKSGIVING... he was so, yea, no E.R. visit or payments for that, just another shot in the butt and a copay to go with it. I was feeling horrible by the time I got the next shot that I was just saying BRING IT/ WHICH CHEEK? Actually I was paranoid that I was getting overloaded with Rocephin and that I was over the top in body intake for antibiotics, it makes you nervous when the nurses go and ask the doctor over and over again..."She just had one of these shots this morning...are you sure we are supposed to give her another one today?" ....
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Just another day in the life of a Mutant. That is the name I call my sister and I because for some reason, our bodies like to be different than the norm. We are the one in a millions, the hmmm's, the this is unusuals, the I'll discuss this with my colleagues and get back to you's, or the can we put you on a study?
Like I said, Mutants. I was told by my neurologist a few months ago that I had genetic defects that were hereditary and would not be helped by diet or lifestyle changes.

Genetic Defects... Sounds a lot like Mutant to me.

We will see who's a mutant after I eat all of those Super Foods:)
As much as I would love to have a mutant or a super power, I would love to just get to be a healthy mom. I have been having awesome results, minus the extra arm growing, and I feel a lot better, if you don't count the days that my prescriptions ran out that I wasn't quite ready to ween from, other than that this hell of an experience hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be. I am still thankful for going in this direction for me and my family. Who can argue with you for wanting to be healthy?


Fearless Leader said...

Hey mutant! Loved your post! I am so sorry about your for dr/infection bout! ugh! So am I a private blog person or a public blog person? love ya

Jamie said...

You better stay on this crazy diet or the outside world might just kill you, you fragile thing! I bet you look awesome! So do we get to see bikini shots or what? I'm kind of scared! LOL! We've never been "THAT" close so please no naked shots!

Jana said...

Glad you are doing okay, what an ordeal!  So sorry that had to happen during your Thanksgiving!

Tell Kyle and Hailey hey for Gideon, he is doing much better! Thanks for the pictures!

Gabaldon said...

Geez, that sounds like hell on earth...did u just have allergic reaction to something?

Glad your doin better, hey i went private so if u wanna email me I will send a invite to ya'

take care....

Dave and Tanya said...

It was fun to see you on Sunday. Sorry you had to go through all the infection stuff. I'll call you later this week. My blog is