Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Mom, will you sleigh me?"

I am shoveling snow, and Kyle is playing in the snow with his sled and ruining every clean path I shovel. Glad to have snow, and glad to be feeling well enough to shovel it. As I am clearing the driveway for the 2nd time for the day (Dan did it before he left, it just happened to lay down another 4 inches) Kyle is sad because there is no-one to play with in the snow.
Then he caught me off guard by saying the cutest thing.
"Mom, will you sleigh me?"
I started to laugh and then said, "Sure, do you mean pull you on the sled?"
Slay and Sleigh, same diff ha?
If he only knew why I was laughing, I didn't want to explain the other meaning of the word that sounds like sleigh.
Happy Holidays!
I'll upload the pictures tomorrow, my computer is running low on battery.

1 comment:

Jana said...

How cute he is! I hope he had a great sleigh ride!

That is a beast of a driveway to shovel! I am so sorry for you!