Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Idaho Family Surprise

We had the best surprise ever this week at Grandma and Grandpa Bohrer's house. We were sad that our cousins from Virginia weren't going to be with us this Christmas this year and in our prayer we were praying that they would be remembered and blessed this holiday season and who walked in as we all said Amen? Jason, Heidi, Whitney and Mason--they drove straight through the last 48hrs. We were all shocked. After we gave hugs I told them I was sorry that I already sent their presents in the mail and Dan's remark was "Not as sorry as I am" Remember, I am married to an accountant and it costs money to send gifts, especially heavy ones, far away. He cracked me up. I had to tell them, and of course they laughed too. Our kids were so excited to have all of their Bohrer cousins together for Christmas celebrations and fun in the snow. We loved our Christmas Surprise from the Bohrer cousins far far away.
Seth and Kyle going down the hill Grandpa made for them with his tractor on their tummies.

Whitney, Hailey and Mason being pulled on the sled.

Hailey tubing with her cousins. Fun Snow Day.

We had so much fun in the deep snow. It snowed over 10" while we were there one night and then kept on coming down. The wind with that gave us some HUGE snow drifts to get the mule stuck in while pulling the sleds and we had to get the tractor out a few times to get the road cleared and also to get people out from being stuck in the snow.
Grandpa Herb, you are so nice to help everyone with your tractor.


Fearless Leader said...

So I am guessing you are not right around the corner from me....SHOOT! I am at my brother's house in Lehi. I was hoping to see you. My brother got married today and I came out to see them. I hope you are having fun in Idaho!
Merry Christmas

Dave and Tanya said...

Fun, fun, fun! We are going to Idaho on Saturday and will be there through the New Year. I'm hoping there will still be lots of snow for us to go sledding. Merry Christmas!

Ryan Family said...

I found your blog! Your trip to Idaho looks like so much fun!

Angie said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe they have as much snow as us! I hope your Christmas was great and that you didn't have any unexpected health issues. We love you!

Kim said...


I love reading your blogs. They are honest, candid and real. I laugh and cry reading them. Thanks for the great thoughts.


Kim B.

Carpenter Column said...

AMY! Hi! I asked Jamie if she still talked to you and she said she did, so I was so happy to find your blog and see what you are up to! Your kids are so cute! You look gorgeous as well! I love seeing how everyone is doing after all these years! love, Heidi