Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation Visiting Family

We took a trip to visit my sister Jenny and her family out in Fargo, ND. We snuck down to Marshall, MN to visit our old town, some missed friends, and check on our old house. We then went back to Fargo and immediately left for the lake house that Jenny and Ryan had rented for the summer. They had some awesome toys to show off for all of the years that Ryan had to be in school-they were so willing to share them with us. What nice family we have!!

The boys rode with us to the lake house, Dan and I lucked out, all three of them were out 5 min. into the drive.

Kyle had so much fun with his cousins. He finally had boys to play with and didn't have to feel like he was a tag-along with Hailey.

Hailey pretty much lived in her swimsuit while we were there.

We got to watch the fireworks out on the lake in the boat, while Ryan's boat blared the program so the hundreds of other boats could hear the music going with the firework display the resort was showing. It was funny. It was kind of wierd to be out on the water in the dark and seeing other boats little tiny light at the top everywhere.

Kyle and Micah were just content eating the middles of their oreo's while the other kids fought for the raft.

It was nice to just hang out by the lake.

One of the nights that we were there, a storm came up out of nowhere and it started to pelt down hail and Ryan, Dan and Jim ran out to cover up the boat. They all came back in with major welts on their backs and were soaking wet.

My Mom and Dad were so cute riding the tube together.
My Mom always had a perma-grin on her face.

My parents were such good sports about trying the new toys. My Mom continued to smile even through her wipe-out.

The surfing had to be, by far my favorite thing that we did out there. It was such a foreign idea to me to have nothing gripping my feet or body. Then to be pulled by the boat to get up and then be surfing the wave from the boat. Just as soon as I caught on to that my family yanks the rope from me and said ride the wave, like I am some expert who had been doing it for a while. I couldn't believe how fun and surprisingly easy it was!

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Jana said...

that looks like it was so much fun! It's fun to see pictures! I am impressed at your water-sport skills!