Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Two Wheelin' it"

Kyle learning to Ride His Bike..."Two Wheeler "
July 2008

Kyle likes to say he can ride a "Two Wheeler" which really means riding a bike WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS. We are still getting the hang of starting and stopping. Kyle will ride the bike like a scooter for a while just pushing with one foot, then he will finally lift it up and then get going. If he is about to run into something instead of turning the handle bars, he will just put out both feet and skid until he stops. Whatever works kid...KEEP IT UP! Your doing great! I love you Pal! He needs lots of Positive PRAISE, or he ends up throwing the bike down and says that he hates the bike and that it is stupid, then when I tell him it's not the bike, he tries to blame the stupid shoes he just got. I then tell him his new shoes are just fine and that he just needs to get up and keep going, with a LOT of positive praise he gets back out there to do it again. Always a cutie!

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