Monday, July 21, 2008

Trip to Virginia and Washington D.C.

We loved visiting our Bohrer Cousins -May 2008
We had so much fun we didn't want to go, Hailey even asked if she could just stay there and we could go home without her. I told her that I would just miss her too much. Through much talking into she finally agreed to come home with us.

The park was fun to go to. Aunt Heidi practiced throwing and catching with Hailey. Dan and Kyle, and then Dan took turns throwing it to Mason and Whiney and Kyle was the fetcher if the ball didn't go as planned. We had fun and finished it off with popsicles from Aunt Heidi.

Hailey and Kyle are our little athletes. They love to play any sport and they end up being pretty coordinated, they must get that from Dan. It is fun to watch them play and enjoy it.

The kids had so much fun jumping on the trampoline with Uncle Jason and Dad...of course until one of them gets hurt.

Hailey making one of her wierd faces to show me her drawing in the sand at the park by her cousins house.

I don't know what is going on with Kyle and his smile here, he is still working on what he thinks is okay for a "boy smile" he is constantly cracking us up.

Hailey and Mason are showing their spider skills climbing up the swings.

This spider is huge! This was at the zoo that we went to and they didn't have them in cages or anything. It looks like they are straight out of an Indiana Jones movie. I hate spiders!!!

(Not Spiderman-Kyle)

The zoo was a lot of fun. My kids were not use to walking for hours in a row so we had a few wines and fits, but for the most part they were so excited to see everything. The kids were enjoying Mason and Whitney who were the experts for the area, they were our good tour guides. Thank you Mason and Whitney!!

The kids had so much fun with their cousins that when we said we were leaving the next day, Hailey cried so hard. It was sad to go because we just don't get to see them that often. We have been trying to keep in better touch with the cousins and we are excited to see them when they come out here to visit family in Idaho in August.

Enjoying one of life's pleasures... ICECREAM in Fredricksberg, Virginia. We took a walk around all of the historical sites, it was so fun. We had to top it off with some icecream at an old 50's icecream shop.
This house had it all, 2 mother-in-law houses out to the sides of the house, then another servant house or Dan would call that his own. There were so many gorgeous plants surrounding the pathways and gardens it was fun to look at all of the historical sites there.

We had fun with all of the Museams in D.C. Most of the facts flew over the kids heads and when we got to the aerospace museam, they were filming "The Night at the Museam 2" and so a lot of things were closed off and we watched for a long time just to see the "Extra's" in the film do the same thing over and over. There was a lot of hype about seeing Ben Stiller. We weren't willing to wait it out that long. We still had fun though.

We had so much fun with our Bohrer Cousins and can't wait to see them again!

The smile that Kyle is giving is called his "Boy Smile" Apparently, this is how it is done for you boys out there, so take notice and smile like this from now on.

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