Monday, February 22, 2010

I LOVE my Husband

I LOVE my Husband!
I don't think I can say it enough- I know he get's uncomfortable when I can't stop saying it, but it is true. I love -YOU- Dan.
Although the process of adoption can be tough, it has brought out the best in Dan.
I can honestly say, who wouldn't want Dan as a Daddy? I think he is the best! As I was listening at our training, I couldn't stop reflecting on all of the wonderful things he does as a dad. I am so thankful that I don't have to feel insecure about this category. I can't be the dad, and thank goodness for that, I could never amount up.
Dan, you are the best, whether you get uncomfortable hearing it or not. I can't ever be thankful enough that you were sent to me. Thank you Heavenly Father, I wouldn't have found him without your help.


Jamie said...

Any child would be lucky to have you as parents! It sounds like a super emotional process! Everything will turn out how it was meant to be!

Jana said...

We love Dan too...but differently :)

Angie said...

Amy I am so excited for you two. You guys are great together. Both of you are blessed to have each other.

Allison Bushman said...

I hope it all turns out well for you! It was so fun to see you in Tucson! Thanks for hanging out and letting Kyle and Trey play. He was so excited to see him! Love ya, Ally