Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 FUNNY things from this week


My little girl who has lost her 7th tooth, pulls it out to show me as I am sicker than a dog in bed and is beaming. Little did I know that the "tooth fairy" wasn't going to come that night...The next morning Hailey says "Mom, I guess the tooth fairy didn't know where I was because I came into your room and slept with you." (...phew) The next night my mom politely reminds us that Hailey's tooth is under her pillow. The funniest thing was attached to her baggy with her tooth.

The note read:

Sorry toth fariey I was sleeping in my moms bed

Love Hailey Back

Iv onley got one doller so if you cud give me to that woud be grate

Translation, because Hailey is excellent on her spelling tests, but when it comes to free writing, she flies through it and spells like she's got a split personality.

"Sorry, tooth fairy, I was sleeping in my mom's bed."



Turn over the note

"I've only got one dollar, so if you could give me two that would be great."

Dan and I laughed until our sides hurt, of course the tooth fairy thought that was funny too, so Hailey got $2 for her tooth instead of $1. Who asks for more money from the tooth fairy? My money loving/spending daughter.


Dan decided his arm hairs were creating unwanted static, so he "clipped his arm hair"no he didn't shave it but he clipped it. Okay, that is funny to me, who does this?


3rd ER visit brought laughter. I shared a curtain with a kid who came in with his parents for drinking alcohol and eating a marijuana brownie. Symptoms- he felt funny. Diagnosis- DUH!! You are drunk and high. Directions- sleep it off at mommy's house. As much as I tried to contain my laughter from the other side of the curtain, it was hard and I made our nurse tell me to "stop, stop, stop, it is hard enough as it is to not laugh and here you are..." I told him that I couldn't help it and I didn't work there so I really didn't have to stop. Dan and I were entertained a little more than the other 2 visits earlier in the week. The entertainment made up for the t.v. being on their side of the curtain and it gave me a distraction while I was getting another IV treatment. The topper was when the doctor came in laughing and said it was funny, then quickly changing his statement to no it is not funny, I just haven't seen this since the 70's. There is more funny stuff that was said but it would take too long. Anyway, a surprising laugh for the night and a warning from the nurse on the way out to not eat the brownies...


During this pneumonia bit, I have been downing cough drops. Kyle, considers them candy, regardless of what I might say. He then tells me he has the hiccups so he needs them too. I try to tell him, these aren't for hiccups they are for coughs and even if they were for hiccups, you don't have that either. He then says, I have the hiccups that need these mom. So what do you say to that, I haven't ever had those kind of hiccups, so why not?


The talent show that I went to for Hailey's school, that is pretty much all that needs to be said. Everyone loves to watch their own kid and maybe a friends, but watching complete strangers kids up there doing who knows what, can be pretty funny. I felt like some of the performances will make great blackmail someday. Too Funny!

I am starting this tag myself, so I would love to hear your funny things for the week, month or even year. It is just nice to laugh:)


Heaps Family said...

Thanks for the laugh! You are amazing how you can keep such a great outlook and attitude EVEN when you are so SICK!!! I hope you feel better soon! Keep those great posts coming...I love to laugh!

Jana said...

That really was great! Good job looking at the positive...I would be struggling if I were you right now. YOU ARE AMAZING!

I once found Maddie sitting on her bed, tooth in hand mumbling "she didn't come..." Jon and I did some fancy footwork and, who knew! She decided to leave it UNDER her bed that night! We are lucky that the Tooth Fairy always leaves Maddie's teeth!