Monday, January 26, 2009

Puppy Post Pardum?

Seriously? Come on... Really?

Feelin a little blue, stressed about the messes from the dog, waking up in the night, not much sleep, worried about the puppy getting hurt because she is so tiny, and watching her like a hawk whenever she is on the carpet to make sure she gets put near her piddle pad when she starts sniffing.

Having headaches again, body aches, and my heart is palpitating again constantly, shortness of breath, and feeling like I'm on the verge of tears whenever I speak, and for what?

And what a sweet little thing she is. She has me suckered in along with the rest of the family.
I really hope that these symtoms aren't related to having a new puppy, but if they are...BRING IT ON! I know my mind and body are psycho, so why not? Puppy Pardum, is there counceling for this...any drugs?
For now, I will stick to what I got and ride through the blues and hope that it passes.

In the meantime, I will just keep on snuggling my little "Ewok":)

Doesn't she look like one?

Remember this movie?


thespackmanfamily said...

I am so sorry! You can for sure get through it lol. Sorry it is really funny oh and where did you get that blue carpet my house??? ha ha

Heaps Family said...

Amy, It may be the winter blues along with everything else...just remember, keep coming and teaching Emily and lot's of blessings will come your way. We will pray for HEALTH blessings! Thank you for being so great with Emily. She LOVES your lessons and get's excited for you to come each week. She was so nervous the first took a whole 2 minutes for her to realize that you were WONDERFUL!!! So don't you forget how wonderful you are!!! We love you!

The Nelson's said...

They do look like ewoks! Isn't that funny? I hope things get better! I am remembering how stressed out I was with Molly because I am a clean freak with my carpet, especially since it's pretty new. She went to the bathroom last night on the carpet and I don't know why??? Maybe she didn't want to go out in the freezing cold? We are baffled! She hasn't done this since she had her puppies! I guess after they have puppies, the potty thing goes out the window. Molly was around 6 months old when she got the potty training thing down, so look forward to that! Good luck! If you ever have any questions, just ask me, okay?

Jana said...

I know how you are feeling! Nellie is totally cute and worth it! You can do it!

Jenny West said...

Ames...I felt that way with kids are so jealous, they want a puppy so darn bad! You should really rename her "ewok". That is what we will be calling her. Why isn't my blog on your list, what a brat! I am determined to keep up with my posts this year! Anyway, I love you so much. "Cheer up, Charlie!",
Love, Jenny

Xena said...

Hey Amy,
Remember me? I am a dog trainer and if you ever have ?s - just ask! Come in to Petsmart, or you can generally find me on my blog

Gabaldon said...

Cute ewok dog! I think it is the winter that seems to be dragging on because I feel the same, cleaning poopies, feeding, waking during the night, changing etc but mine is baby & yours is a fun little doggie:)

Summer will soon be here & you can let her out, can't wait for summer enough of the snow..makes for a dreary day:(